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I can’t remember a single home improvement project where I didn’t make a bunch of mistakes. The upshot of these errors was either;
I lived with them, which left me feeling slightly sour, or I corrected them, at my inevitable cost.

I’m always left wishing. “If only I’d prepared better.”

Abraham Lincoln Said .

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and ill spend the first four sharpening the Axe”

Abe was smart! If you want to be prepared like Abe, check out this A-Z guide to stair runners.

Everyone has strengths and weakness. May be your good at decorating g but weaker at measuring, or vice versa. Use this guide to simply sifting through the headings and clicking any topics where you think may like some help.

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Additionally, where you see green text , you’ll be reading an Eco tip . So if you want to go Green with your project ( which you must, or you wouldn’t be here) then the green tips are for you.


Your why

An attractive young woman sitting at a desk thinking hard about whetehr she can make this an eco friendly stairrunner projecrt

Nothing happens without a “why”. If you’re on this page, chances are you have one!  You’ve probably got ethical and creative reasons for wanting natural flooring. There are also health reasons. To explore more about how natural flooring, soothes mind, body, and soul and keeps your family safe, click here.

Which natural flooring to choose

A young woman in ripped jeans putting on her boots






Natural products aren’t all built equally. Footfall, design and level of rustic finish are all factors to consider before choosing. To discover the ideal “natural” for you and your family’s lifestyle,  click here for information about the pros and cons of each natural.

Would you like to feel the material before choosing?

Various different natural flooring including Jute, Sisal & Coir

Natural flooring is a sensory choice. Many people find the underfoot sensation soothing. To request high definition pics or samples, to “see and feel”, just email us at for free samples

Want to get a feel of the cost? Get a free plan and design

Your A-Z guide to stair runners may start with requesting a free plan and estimate

Once you’ve chosen your stairrunner material, you need to decide a layout. There are creative and financial choices . Do I like stair rods, or would I prefer a minimalist look? Can I reuse my existing underlay or should I replace it? Should I paint my half landings, or would I prefer a continuous runner. If you want all your choices laid out for free lean on us. Click here to learn about our free plan and design service. 

Chosen your stairrunner here’s how to order

fanned Leaves inviting an order for an Eco friendly stair runner made of plants

Decided to go ahead? For all our easy payment methods and choices, click here.

Changing the surrounding interior décor?

Herringbone Twill mood board

Herringbone Twill mood board

Most people plan some level of interior redesign around their new stairrunner. For inspiration, ideas and free mood boards built specifically around your new stairrunner click here

Waiting for your stairrunner? Time for the preparation work

A woman sitting on stairs with paint and brush

I’ve fitted stair runners with paintwork finished the night before. Even if the paint looks dry, uncured paint is still wet under the surface and only takes a mild pressure to smudge. I’ve ruined more than one stairrunner by spreading the tacky paint with my knees. Click here if you want some simple fitting tips to stop that kind of accident.

Stair runner fitting

A man fitting a carpet to stairs offering some free carpet fitting instructions

Fitting-day is looming, but don’t worry, we’re in this together. We’re right by your side, providing free instructions and free support should you have questions. You can fit any shape of stairs with one of our stair runners. Click here for the starting point, which is a straight staircase fit. This will link you to any more unusual shapes you may have.

If you prefer to employ a fitter, we can often recommend one. To check availability and price, just email your address and a pic of the job to

Here’s a bright idea!

Jute boucle black border. with a matching rug made from the stair runner waste

Your project’s  finished and you’re sipping a well-earned cup of tea, contemplating a trip to the tip with your leftover runner . Here’s an Eco-boss move: make a free rug from the waste.

Remember, we’re here to help

Our greatest advert is your perfect job. We’re not just here to help, we love helping! We hope our A-Z guide to buying and fitting a stairrunner got you some way there.

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We hope this A-Z guide to stair runners results in a silky smooth project. Need any extra help or advice, just email Julian, our expert on for free advice .