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New Eco-rods

Tough on your stairs

Kind to the planet 

New year SALE 2024


Eco-rod close up



Eco rods before and after

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Tools needed for fitting

A Screwdriver (preferably electric – unless your Popeye)

DIY Level

Extremely easy to install


DIY Install with Eco-rods. Herringbone twill black border


  • Eco-rods are Pre-Cut to size for you, to perfectly fit your runner.
  • Eco-rods are a strong one piece construction rod, so no screwing things together or assembling needed
  • Eco rods are fast to fit. Formula 1 style  – Slide on the brackets – whiz the four screws – and you’re skidding out of the pits in record time
    Job done!

What’s included in one set?

1 x stair rod, 2 x brackets, matching screws

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Eco-rod specification  

  • 70cm long solid construction rod
  • Solid construction brackets
  • Finished in a mellow Matt Eco-lacquer
  • Matching fast tapping screws
  • Individually wrapped and boxed


Extras available

For extra wide (77cm) Eco rods Add £1 per set
For finial free stair rods made for stairs where a finial would be obstructed ( fully adjustable) add £1 per set

closed end rods

Become part of Bamboo history.

Over thousands of years, Bamboo has above all else – endured.  For millennia it has achieved a mystical reputation for its beauty and gentle strength. It has been used to carve valuable and intricate home decor for kings and pheasants alike. Add it to your home project today for just 7 pounds a rod (introductory price) – that’s 91 pounds for a whole flight of 13 stairs .

Some interesting facts about bamboo


Bamboo grows very fast, making it super Eco-friendly


In Korea in 2009, a shipwreck was found to contain 800 year old “Jangka”  (bamboo tablets) still intact.  They are considered a Korean national treasure


The Janka rating invented by Gabriel Janka to measure the ability of wood to withstand wear and denting, rates Bamboo 1350 – higher than most oak


Bamboos tensile strength rating of 2800 per square inch is higher than steel at 2400.

Eco friendly?

For numerous reasons bamboo is the eco king of woods. Bamboo doesn’t require fertilizers or other chemicals to grow . It’s not just the fastest growing plant in the world  – period – making it sustainable ; but it also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen 35% faster than trees. How’s that for a breath of fresh air?


How to measure


We recommend that your rods are 10cm longer than the stair runner width.  If in doubt, just email us.

Frequently asked questions


If I choose stair-rods, do I also need gripper rods?

Most people fitting stair rods fit their runner with a staple gun, so would not need gripper rods as well. If you wish, you can also fit with gripper rods, but you need to allow a little more space for the incoming rod.

What is better about your half inch diameter?

The wider diameter will be stronger and less likely to bend under pressure. Cheaper 3/8 inch rod is easy to distort during fitting.

Supposing your minimum size won’t fit the width of my stairs?

Don’t worry, you can always adjust the size down. If you need advice we are always delighted to help.

What If I need a longer rod

No problem, we can make up a special size for you. Start a conversation about length by emailing

What if I want rods but its a really tight squeeze. 

We have a special finial absent rod

Interested in a stairrunner to go with your rods?

We’re on Sale right now!

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For any other technical queries or questions, email Julian for free advice


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