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Staircase preparation

How to get your staircase preparation right first time.

Whether you do it yourself or pay someone else. Here’s how to save time,save money and be kind to your environment!

staircase preaparation

Preparing the stairs for your stair runner

Five step plan

1.Remove the old carpet

2.Remove the old gripper and underlay and set aside for reuse

3.Clean the stairs ready for painting or varnishing

4.Choose your paint or varnish

5.Paint or varnish. Allow to Dry





Step 1. Removing the old carpet

uplift old carpet

uplift old carpet

Put on a pair of decent gloves

Top tip! Start at the bottom of the stairs .
Carpet fitted on griper rod is made to release easily from the bottom up.
It should just ease off, revealing the gripper and underlay underneath. Some people use the old carpet to line shelves or sheds.

Full width gripper & underlay.

Full width gripper and underlay needs removing as part of your staircase preparation

Step 2.Remove old gripper and underlay and set aside for re-use

Often you can reuse your existing gripper and underlay . Helping your budget and the environment makes this a double smart move. If you are in any doubt , don’t hesitate to email us a pic and we can make a quality assessment . Email: ¬†wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com


How to release gripper rod

How to release gripper rod

Gripper rod is removed by taping it with a hammer and bolster at the point the nail meets the stairs.Underlay is removed by carefully pealing it off.

To prepare your gripper and underlay for reuse ; cut to 10 cm less than your stair runner width .

Example : If your star runner is 65 cm wide cut underlay and gripper to 55 cm wide.

Stanley knife and snips

Stanley knife and snips

Cut underlay with a Stanley knife. Cut gripper with snips.

Replacing gripper or underlay

If your underlay or gripper is worn you should replace it

Just proceed to our shop page or email us your order.

The price of our Eco friendly underlay and gripper pack is 45 pounds.Delivery is free with your stair runner.

Step 3.Clean the stairs ready for painting or varnishing

cleaning tools for staircase preparation

cleaning tools for staircase preparation

a.Vacuum thoroughly to asses the surface

b. Remove tacks or staples with claw hammer or pliers

c. Sand with an 80 grade sandpaper ,then a finer sandpaper.

d. Clean again with a damp cloth and cleaning liquid . Rinse with clean water . Dry thoroughly. Allow to dry

Step 4. Choosing your finish

there are mainly threee types of decoration to choose from

a. Exposed wood

b .Paint (usually white

3. A mixture of the two































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