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Is choosing Eco friendly flooring reducing home pollution?

The surface of your carpet may seem like a comfortable perch for you and the family. But what lies beneath is far more
sinister !

New carpet smells great right? Not so fast! They make synthetic or mixed carpets from petroleum byproducts.

More of these chemicals fill the synthetic backing. Artificial dyes and other supplements add to the list of contaminants you’ve inadvertently brought into your home.

The backing is stuck to the front with VOC packed adhesives , which give the new carpet smell you may have noticed .They trigger asthma , lethargy , sore eyes and cancer. That smells not so sweet after all!

Eco friendly flooring stair runners do not contain Voc or chemicals


You may be laying on your carpet blissfully ignorant of the house dust mite !

Pollutant carpet “fresheners”

To add insult to injury Manufacturers then encourage us to regularly add toxic “cleaners” by way of maintenance .

Our natural flooring smell vaguely like a woven basket. They smell like that because there’s nothing added. They are free of chemicals and VOC’s . The dyes used for the material and borders are all plant dyes. The only things your new natural flooring stairrunner adds to your home are beauty and style ! That’s a better smell right!

House dust mite 


House dust mite

Carpets are the perfect hiding place for house dust mite. Although they are too small to be visible, their droppings are potentially allergenic. Allergic reactions include asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Our natural flooring is not hospitable to house dust mite. We’re glad to report the only thing which takes your breath away with our runners is the designer finish .

Your brain ‘on nature’ is in harmony


Harmony in nature

Its no surprise that nature brings a feeling of well being. Who ever came back from a walk in nature without noticing a lifted mood. This general feeling of well being is also supported by hard science. Furthermore nature imparts other surprising benefits. How about helping kids who have ADHD with concentration. The University of Minnesota explain more here. They also show some inspiring real life stories about real peoples lives helped by exposure to nature here. All this considered, why wouldn’t you bring nature into your home.

Keep your home and family safe with
Eco friendly natural flooring


Protect family

World friendly- Home friendly- Eco friendly flooring


Eco friendly flooring is a healthy choice for your home and the world around you. Global warming is no longer a theory, but an accepted reality. Most people have a mind to be part of the solution. By choosing natural flooring, you’re automatically “doing your bit”. David Attenborough explains much better than I can here 

Making a personal  statement

To reverse global warming, small buying changes are well within everyone’s power. Global warming is a problem made or saved by people and their daily actions. It’s sometimes about ignorant people, but usually about ignorance of the facts. Your decision to introduce the unique elegance of eco friendly flooring to your home sets the benchmark for visitors, setting an example, raising the bar. Natural flooring looks wonderful, but it’s more than a style statement; it’s a giant statement about who you are and your values.

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