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About Wholesale Carpets Stair runners


Around 1998 I owned a ‘regular” carpet shop in the south of England. I was feeling bored and poor!

On a bucket shop vacation to the tropics, I bought what appeared to be a canvass bag, but wasn’t. The bag was my close friend for 14 days.  I chucked it in the back of a dusty rental jeep. Dropped it on my sandy apartment floor, and spilt sunblock on it. When I got home I kept using it. I took the bag to the convenience store and threw a pint of milk in it. Sometimes I hung it off the handle bars of my bicycle.

After a few months of hard wear I turned it inside out to check the label for washing instructions. It was then I read the word Jute. There wasn’t much fast internet back then, but enough to search “Jute” in the time between moves in a game of online chess.

To cut this meandering story short, I learned that jute, from which my favorite bag was made, could also be used for flooring. and not just Jute. There were many beautiful plants that could be woven into something more hard wearing than a tufted carpet. Coconut husk was another and a plant called Agave which makes sisal.



Looking at the intricate textures and weaves, I felt natural flooring had almost everything, but something was missing. Perhaps it lacked a pop of color or needed a clean line to balance the naturalness – something like that was not there.

So with the addition of a choice of hand-dyed borders and natural latex backing, the stair runners ranges you see in this website were born.

I still feel poor today but not so bored anymore!

First ever healthy stair runner


Coir panama natural runner


Being the first company to sell Eco friendly stair runners online has given us more time to get the unseen things right for our customer’s. Things like our underlay is recycled .Our stain protection is a solvent free polymer so odorless and safe even for kids. We could source cheaper products, but we dont, we choose healthy ones instead.

The Times gave us a glowing review in  2009 which got us on the mat . We didn’t even know they’d written it until we were flooded with messages.

What’s also great is that our stairrunner collection does not contain Voc’s. Synthetic carpets on the other hand do. It’s a much better idea for your family’s health to minimize Voc’s wherever possible.”

People today hold Eco friendly credentials close to their heart, may be essential. We do too!


A mood enhancing stair runner. Is that true?


protect family


MD’s comment:

“A recent study has proven that having natural products in your home produce an enzyme which induces a feeling of peace . I had always noticed this feeling and now I know why. The Danish call it hygge. They believe this soul nourishment is necessary for life and should be experienced daily . If you’re interested in the hygge feeling Click here to read more about it 

What we do still

We help our clients create the kind of welcoming understated, designer atmosphere, that make everyone feel at ease.

In over twenty years, we’ve fitted extraordinary jobs all over this planet. Inevitably there have been changes over that time. A few years in, we started finding innovative ways of making bends in stair runners, so any shape of stairs could be accommodated


Sisal stripe U shape


Around fifteen years ago we started using plant dyes to create designs with matt mellow color ways, keeping in step with modern interior design , whilst sticking to our core principals of organic products.




But what we still do is the same. We offer high quality, organic and eco friendly stair treatments.

Free help to give you a designer finish to your project.

Herringbone Twill black border

Herringbone Twill black border


Natural stair runners are frequently used by designers with amazing outcomes. We are supported by many top interior designers who kindly recomend the latest color trends. We are on hand to share that advice free with our customers to ensure your whole stairrunner project is outstanding. It’s an area were building on right now. For instance were recommending eco friendly paint company’s to keep the momentum going. We’re also working on free mood boards for every stairrunner

Managing Directors comments in 2021. About me (and a free rug for you)


Eco farm

In terms of the planet there is only one way I can look at myself and say with a clear conscience.

“I am eco friendly , I’m doing my bit for the environment.”

And that’s by taking action.

As an illustration, I buy second hand clothes, drive a motorbike not a car and eat a flexitarian diet. I’m overjoyed every time someone kindly invests in our Eco friendly carpets. Every little helps.

Also, I believe when people buy something Eco friendly for the first time, its not usually the last. Its often the start of  a new way of life. But it doesn’t end there.

For example, we came up with an idea two months ago, that reduces landfill and gets customers a free hall rug. Its no longer a thought it’s happening right now. Its been converted to matter in the real world. Your welcome to one !

Herringbone Twill stair runner with free matching hall runner

Christmas offer. Free matching hall runner with your stairrunner

I want to keep moving along with my valued customers, I think that’s how we’ll win the climate battle, as a group, watching each others backs… Click here if you want to read about getting a free rug with your runner.

By the way dont forget to Email me if you want to share any ideas you may have. wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com

Being eco friendly adds a glow to life



There is something special and unique about bringing nature into your home . Whether it’s a tropical plant ,a beautiful statue or a stair runner from our collection . These natural materials create elegance and comfort in your home. What’s more when you buy your eco friendly stairrunner, it says something about you! Its not just a style statement its a way of life statement.

To have a peak into some customers houses click here to browse our gallery. It shows real customers jobs

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to e-mail or contact our well trained sales staff at wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com We are happy and delighted to answer your questions about our products.

Merry Christmas to all our clients past and future!
Merry Christmas card to our customers




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