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What makes Coir one of the most durable floor coverings in the world?

(*Adrubali et al 2012)

Coir Herringbone natural carpet & a cup of black coffee

There’s really no magic about it — its just a fact of nature.


Coir herringbone black border runner

Coir starts life as the husk of a coconut. It withstands 90% humidity and scorching 40°c sun twelve hours a day. It is then regularly lashed by monsoon rains.

By the time we wash, dry and beat it to a pliable-loom state – it has withstood the toughest environments nature can throw at it. Hardly a surprise then, it can shrug off a man made “rub test” !

Herringbone twill Black border

Herringbone twill Black border

Coir is just one of the many natural designer floorings we weave. Each has already lived its own story – so you can write the next chapter.

Free samples?


Free samples -just click the pic

Natural flooring is not just stylish – it’s a sensual experience. Some people say the feeling on their feet is soothing. If you’d like to feel for yourself, click the pic above for your free sample selection

Colors from nature


Herringbone Navy Plant Dyed with natural blue ternate petals

We use plant dyes to create designs with matt mellow color ways. The soft blue color above for example is achieved by Dyeing Jute with Blue Ternate.  A delightful Blue flower believed to be holy. You can also make tea from it!


Herringbone Navy looks right at home with; light wood, other blues and white.


Your in safe hands with our 20 years of experience


Coir panama natural runner

Wool-soft Eco lay

“God is in the details,” said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) a world renowned architect.

20 years of delivering eco friendly stair runners means we get the details right for you – even the unseen ones! . For example our Wool-soft underlay, which creates a sumptuous under-foot feel and a firm foundation for your stairrunner. It’s Eco friendly and pillow soft, utilizing recycled lamb’s wool . This underlay wins on almost every metric (sound , comfort & warmth)

Wool-soft-Eco-lay-for under- your-stair-runner

Wool soft Eco-lay wins on warmth comfort & tog value


Dense and pillow soft underfoot

Safe stain protection (Is there an unsafe one?)

The devil can also be in the detail. A few years ago, people were shocked to hear that the leading furniture stain protector contained toxic chemical’s.  Our stain protection is a solvent free polymer so it’s odorless and safe even for airports and baby’s rooms. We could source cheaper products, but we dont, we choose healthy ones instead, like you would. In short you can trust us with your precious home and family.


A-baby-crawling-on-the-floor-which-has-been stain-protected-with-safe-stain-protection

Baby safe Stain protection

Enter the worlds first Eco-rod (2022)


Eco-rod midnight black


Herringbone twill close up with black bamboo eco rods

In January 2022 we dreamt of the worlds first Eco friendly stair-rod . We wanted a rod set that didn’t necessitate scratching and digging at the earth, but worked in harmony with the planet . The challenge seemed almost impossible – to find something Eco friendly with more tensile strength than steel and an aesthetic quality to match our stair runners. After more than 20 rejected designs we conceptualized the rod you see above. It’s stronger than steel and has a positive impact on the planet.

Enter the worlds first eco rod. It’s solid bamboo with a carved discreet end. Its tough on your stairs and kind to the planet.

On sale now in 2022 for just six pounds a set while stocks last

The times Review

The Times gave us a glowing review in  2009 which got us on the map . We didn’t even know they’d written it until we were flooded with customers. We’re so grateful those customers (more like friends now) keep coming back .

Eco friendly guarantee


Eco friendly Guaranteed


Our stairrunner collection does not contain Voc’s. Synthetic carpets on the other hand do. It’s a much better idea for your family’s health to minimize Voc’s wherever possible.

People today hold Eco friendly credentials close to their heart, even as essential. We do too!

A mood enhancing stair runner. Is that true?


Natural lifestyle means a happy family


A recent study has proven that having natural products in your home produces an enzyme which induces a feeling of peace . I had always noticed this feeling and now I know why. The Danish call it hygge. They believe this soul nourishment is necessary for life and should be experienced daily . If you’re intrigued by the hygge feeling like I was Click here to read more about it 

Our mission is Wabi-Sabi ( as they say in Japan)


Wabi-Sabi. The Japanese art of appreciating simple natural beauty

Our mission– To create the kind of welcoming understated, designer atmosphere, that makes everyone feel at ease. The Japanese call this Wabi-Sabi which is the appreciation of the simple natural things. A moss covered cobbled street or a cherry tree in blossom. We call this making you feel right at home!

Stair runners in any shape you like!

Customers designs have become more sophisticated over the years. We’ve kept up by making stair runners in any shape you can dream of ! Just email us a pic of your stairs and tell us what you’d like done. We’ll email you a quote straight back


Sisal striped border  with a “U shape


L-shape-made-to-fit-sisal-gold-beige-border stairrunner

Sisal gold beige border “L” shape

Introducing new mellow colors using plant dyes

Free help to give you a designer finish to your project.


Herringbone Twill black border stair carpet runner


Natural stair runners are frequently used by designers with amazing outcomes. We are supported by many top interior designers who kindly recomend the latest color trends. We are on hand to share that advice free with our customers to ensure your whole stairrunner project is outstanding. It’s an area we’re building on right now. For instance were recommending eco friendly paint company’s to keep the momentum going. We’re also working on free mood boards for every stairrunner

Managing Directors comments in 2022. About me (and a free rug for you)


Julian grabbing a healthy lunch at the Eco farm

In terms of the planet there is only one way I can look at myself and say with a clear conscience.

“I am eco friendly , I’m doing my bit for the environment.”

And that’s by taking action.

As an illustration, I buy second hand clothes, drive a motorbike not a car and eat a flexitarian diet.

Also, I believe when people buy something Eco friendly for the first time, its not usually the last. Its often the start of  a new way of life. But it doesn’t end there.

For example, we came up with an idea six months ago, that reduces landfill and gets customers a free hall rug. Its no longer a thought it’s happening right now. Its been converted to matter in the real world. Your welcome to one ! Just click the pic below to learn more about how to avail one.

Herringbone Twill stair runner with free matching hall runner

Free matching hall runner with your stairrunner

Looking ahead

I want to keep moving along with my valued customers, I think that’s how we’ll win the climate battle, as a group, watching each others backs…

We have new products being made now which are a world first in interior design, namely our Eco-rods. We’ll keep you posted as we continue your and our mission to have a beautiful Wabi-Sabi, hygge home, which works in harmony with the planet

Being eco friendly adds a glow to life

sisal-gold-beige-border stairrunner

Sisal gold beige linen border

There is something special and unique about bringing nature into your home . Whether it’s a tropical plant ,a beautiful statue or a stair runner from our collection . What’s more when you buy your eco friendly stairrunner, it says something about you! Its not just a style statement – its a way of life statement. It makes you glow!

To have a peak into some customers houses click here to browse our gallery. It shows real customers jobs

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to e-mail or contact our well trained sales staff at wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com We are happy and delighted to answer your questions about our products.

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We’ll make you feel right at home!

(*Adrubali et al 2012  High mechanical strength , very high tensile strength)