Sisal gold beige border. An Eco friendly stairrunner


Can one person’s eco friendly stairrunner choice, really make a difference to global warming?

We all want to be eco friendly and do our bit to save the planet, but how?

Climate change is after all a complex issue of biology, technology , human beliefs , care and consideration. Can one person’s actions actually make a difference? Does choosing a natural stair runner for example really make any impact on such an overwhelming problem as global warming?.

Coir Panama Natural


Coir Panama natural beige border

Let’s get to the truth

To investigate the question of how much environmental impact is caused by one persons buying habit’s, lets suppose you were considering a Coir Panama natural stairrunner.

The Coir that makes your runner is harvested from a coconut tree, often positioned on a riverbank. It’s a sustainable plant, but its Eco-attributes dont stop there. Additionally harvesting coir supports wildlife balance, because Coir fiber can potentially block water ways, and if fish get stuck in it they usually die.

Lets be clear, buying one Coir stairrunner is not going to unilaterally save the entire planet, but it will make a small difference. It certainly beats filling your world with petrochemicals from a polypropylene carpet. So is choosing a Coir stairrunner positive for the Eco system? I guess that depends on who you ask. if you ask a fish, they’d definitely say yes!

Jute Herringbone Navy


Jute Herringbone Navy with Navy border


How about Jute though? Lets suppose you wanted a colored stairrunner, so you choose the Jute Herringbone Navy plant dyed stairrunner above. Environmentally you’ve done well again. Jute plants are sustainable reaching maturity in just five months. Jute is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, another Eco-bullseye. But like coir there’s a story behind the story and yet another behind that.

A story of Grit

The first tale is about a popular concept today – grit,  jute is a survivor . Its so gritty in fact, it  thrives without the need for pesticides and fertilizers. This means families nearby dont ingest invisible plumes of unwanted toxins.

The second story is also about air. Jute growth produces far more oxygen than most plants, a big plus to the atmosphere and another breath of fresh air to people nearby. There are numerous other environmental benefits to Jute, some of which can be found in a link below.

Returning to the acid question.  Can one person buying a jute Eco friendly stair runner really make a difference? I say yes, but to varied degrees. Again I think the degree depends on whether you’re a scientist or a humanist.. 11,00 people a year die from pesticide poisoning. So if you ask a global warming scientist, they will agree that buying jute turns the Eco-dial in the right direction. But ask someone who lives or works in an agricultural area, now you’ve got a human reason, because they might call jute a life saver.

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