Getting a quote for you eco friendly stair runners

Guidelines for getting a free quote for your stairrunner, landing, or room, on-line

Looking for a fast, accurate and free quote for your stairrunner project? Easy – just follow the 5 easy steps below. You wont have to leave your house and it can take as little a 2 minutes. You’ll also help the environment as there’s no need to waste gas driving anywhere.

Step 1.

Take a pic of your stairs, showing the whole flight if possible. Email us the pic at

left-good-picture-all-stairs-visible-right -bad-picture-stairs-cut-off

Left – Good pic all stairs visible. Right -Bad pic stairs cut off

What can go wrong?

You know how annoying it is when you cut off a head in a family pic, well cutting off some stairs is worse than that! Make sure (where possible) to capture the whole staircase in one pic, with neither top nor bottom cut off.

If because of the restrictions of cameras in tight spaces, you can’t fit the whole staircase in one pic, then do this instead: Place any handy item, such as a brightly colored book or child (safely of course!) in the center of the stairs, as a marker. Then take two pics and capture the marker in both. This allows us to connect the two pictures. You might get a cute pic, like this one below, in the deal too!

Step 2.

Count the total number of stairs and include that number in your email


Marker for stairs

What can go wrong?

Many people ask us whether to include the last riser leading to the landing. Don’t; because you count stairs by treads, not risers. Remember also, there’s no need to measure anything, just count the total number.

Why, you may wonder, are you counting stairs at all, when you’ve already sent a pic? It’s a belt and braces plan!

Step 3 .

If you have more than one staircase, please start at the lowest staircase and work your way up! Number the pictures in order, as you ascend the stairs.


Measuring a landing
L x W

What can go wrong? Remember, you are intimately familiar with your house, but we are not! Please number pics, and write to us as if we are the same age as the cute kid on the stairs!

Step 4.

If you have a landing or extra room that needs doing – no problem. Just email us a single pic along with the maximum width and length

What can go wrong? If a room has shape, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the detail; but don’t, because detail’s not needed. We just need length and width to the extremities of the room. Imagine if you drew a rectangle around the edge of the room. It is the length and width of that rectangle we need. Express this simply L x W and we will work out the rest.

 Step 5.

Reminder and checklist

  • Pic of stairs . Ensure all stairs are included in the pic ( no cut offs)
  • Count stairs
  • If its gonna be more than one pic, mark the stairs with something like a book
  • More than one staircase number pics
  • There’s a landing or room, measure L x W and email us a single pic.

Thanks for your interest in our Eco friendly stair runners. We look forward to sending you a free quote and assisting you through your project.

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