Stair Runner Fitting


For free stair runner fitting instructions “Click the pics” below

Scroll through the pics below and find the staircase shaped most like yours.
Then click the picture for your free stair runner fitting instructions

1. Straight staircase fitted
with gripper & underlay


Sisal Gold runner black border

2. Straight staircase fitted
with stair rods

stair-runner-fitting-of-Seaspray- stairrunner-grey-border

Seaspray grey border

3. Winding stairs fitted
with stair rods


Herringbone Navy Navy border

4. Straight stairs with L shape
fitted on gripper & underlay


Sisal gold beige border

5.Straight stairs with u shape
landing fitted with stair rods


U-shape part way up the stairs

6. Straight stairs nude half
landing fitted with stair rods


Jute boucle beige linen border

7. Straight staircase fitted with
gripper & underlay (no border)


Jute Hemmed edge no border

8. Straight staircase with wall to wall half landing


Coir Panama natural beige border


For gripper and underlay stair runner fitting, the essential tools are:

  1. Hammer
  2. Bolster
  3. Cutting knife such as Stanley
  4. A pack of brand new blades
  5. Pencil
  6. Tape measure

For stair rod stair runner fitting you need the above plus:

  1. An electric screwdriver (or hand held and a strong wrist!)
  2. Copydex adhesive


Prefer to employ a fitter?

If you decide to employ someone for stairrunner fitting, here’s what to do next:

  1. Email a picture of your stairs and your postal code to
  2. Julian will email back a quote.
  3. If your happy, we email your file to the fitter, who books you in at your mutual convenience.
    Simple as that!

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Eco friendly guarantee

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