Stair Runner Fitting

stair runner fitting-bolster the stairs


Stair runner fitting is an important element of your project. This guide will make fitting easy and fun!

D.I.Y or employ a fitter.

So the first thing you need to decide. Do you want to fit yourself, or should you employ a fitter for your stair runner fitting?

You might want to ponder the following:

1) Do you have time in your busy day?

2) Do you want to save money? A fitter will charge more than 150 pounds.

3) Do you enjoy D.I.Y?

4) Is it an easy layout?

So this is the proverbial crossroads!

Employing a fitter-what to do next

If you prefer to employ a fitter. Email us at with a picture of your stairs. Julian will price the stair runner fitting job .

stair runner fitting using herringbone twill and stair rods

Stair Runner Fitting W/ Stair Rods

There are many different layouts. But lets start with the easiest layout, which is a straight staircase.

There are two ways to fit a straight staircase, with stair rods and staple gun or with gripper and underlay. Just click the links below for a complete instructional. .

1. To use stair rods and staples.

2.To fit with gripper rods and underlay

Half landings

Stair runner fitting is not always to a straight staircase. Some staircases have a half or quarter landing.

There are two main shapes of half landings, square or rectangular. The square is called a quarter landing and the rectangular is called a half landing. There are two main ways to deal with them . either wall to wall or shaped.

Half landings

stair runner fitting in a half landing

This is a rectangular half landing . We call this a half landing. The treatment is a U shape.

Stair runner in coir bleached with wall to wall landing in coir bleached to match.

Stair runner in coir bleached, with wall to wall half landing to match.

Wall to wall

Some people prefer to go wall to wall on their half landing . The advantages are:  Eliminating a trip hazard. The opportunity to furnish or accessories the half landing. It saves money and time, delivery is immediate with the stairrunner.

stair runner fitting in a quarter landing

This is a square quarter landing. We call this treatment an ‘L’ shape.


We provide an easy option to save our clients the trouble of mitering a quarter landing. This is a pre-made section.

The method of fitting this is simple. What to do next:

1.First fit your stair runner above and below the quarter landing.

2.Drop in the quarter landing to the space.

3.Position the L section until it lines up .

4.Then join the ‘L’ to the stair runner.

5. Cut off the excess.

6. Don’t worry if the join is not perfect as you cover it up with the stair rods.

7.Take a look at the quarter landing picture above as guidance.

You should now have a professional finish. Well done!

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