Finished your stairrunner – Congrats! Here’s how to transform the leftover, to get a free rug!


Don’t trash your waste. We’ll help you make it into a free hall runner


Before you head for the trash, think again!


Why not put the waste to good use?


Seagrass rugs with various different borders

Get a free hall runner from stair runner left over. Our stair runners come with a free border all around. This means you are only one border short of a free rug already! Borders can be removed by unpicking the stitching or a stiff tug! If you require extra border, we can supply that with your new runner! Extra border is free on the house!

Fixing the border is easy, choose either:


Sticking your rug border To fix the border there are three easy choices:

  • A strong needle and thread
  • Use fabric glue, which saves time . We find Copydex perfect for the job.
  • Glue gun. I think you might have one in the garage, 2nd draw down! That will also work well!

Miter the edge of the border


When you come to the corners, just fold a neat miter and glue or stitch it down. If you don’t want to make a diagonal miter, a square one looks good too.

Congratulations your new free rug is complete !!


Now all you need to do is find a great place for you free matching rug


Herringbone Twill stair runner with free matching hall runner


Stair runner orders                                                                                                                   include extra free border inside!


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