Stair Runners Landing to match

Need to carpet your stair runners landing-no problem.

If you have winding stairs, or a landing interrupting your stairs, you’re probably wondering how to integrate them.

Below are 8 common staircase shapes, and their solutions. If you don’t see yours, just email us a pic to We’ll work everything out for you.

Option 1: Leave the landing in exposed wood.


To do this, stop the runner under the lip of the landing.

This minimalist look has three main advantages:

  • Saves money
    Saves time.
    Simplifies fitting, as no need to join the runner.

In the picture above, the wood has a lovely ashy tone and interesting grain. It’s a perfect example of when to use an exposed wood landing because the wood compliments the beauty of the stairrunner..

If the landing is less beautiful, but you still want to leave it exposed, consider painting it to match the sides of the stairrunner

Option2: Cover the stair runners landing wall to wall to match.  


Some designers prefer to cover the landing in a matching material. This creates a warm and orderly appearance and is safe for youngsters or elders.

We also recommend this solution when the landing is in poor condition, because you save time and money on sub floor repairs by fully covering the landing.

A matching wall to wall  is a great solution if you want to accessorize. In the picture above the chair provides an elegant break to the symmetry.

Add on tips

1. If the landing sub floor is in poor condition, consider fitting a layer of hardboard to your stair runners landing before carpeting. Hardboard is cheap, clean and ensures a flush finish.

2. If the gripper rod is already down, you can usually reuse it. This saves time and money .

Option 3. A continuous runner on the half landing (U-shape)

Sisal-stair-runner-with-beige-border-and u-shaped-half-landing

The above treatment is called a ‘u’ shape .The stair runner flows continuously across the landing. This is a more expensive solution but has advantages..

  • The one-piece bespoke format is child’s play to fit. 
  • Its much stronger than using miters, having no joins that might eventually wear or fray
    This treatment of the stair runners landing clearly has a geometric appeal .


Option 4 Continuous runner on your quarter landing (L-shape)

quarter-landing-in-an-L-shape-matching- jute boucle-black-border-stair-runner

The landing above is a quarter landing. The treatment used is an ‘L’ shape. This elegant solution is ready-to-fit, which saves time and trouble.

This flowing layout is not the cheapest option, but it has several advantages:

You don’t need to do any cutting to form the L shape; we do all that for you and also edge it .

Fitting is easy, you simply apply it to the staircase. We have great instruction to guide you through this “easy fit”

This L-shape is one piece, meaning no weak miters vulnerable to wear.

For pricing, just email us a pic, there’s no need to measure.

Option 5. Winding stairs


This is a set of winding stairs. The layout is simpler than it looks and works with a standard stair runner. We provide full advice on how to fit these.

To calculate a stair runner cost, you don’t need to measure. Simply count the stairs.

Or easier still, just email us a stairs pic.

Option 6.In line 


This is an ‘in line’ stair runners landing. It works with our standard stair runner for no extra expense. This is one of the easiest stair runner layouts.

There is no join and the stair runners landing and the runner itself are all in one piece. This is quick and easy to fit.

Here, you will also notice there is an extra quarter landing. The fitter has fitted the waste to this area. Eco friendly, neat and free. Smart fitting!

Option 7. Wall to wall top landing

Jute-runner-with-matching-wall-to-wall-top landing

Landing carpet worn out? A matching wall to wall landing is available.

For an initial estimate, please email a picture of the area along with a maximum length and width.

Option 8. T. Shape or any other shape. 


This stair runners landing is tailor made in a ‘T’ shape. The material is jute boucle with striped border. Usually we can make this from a photograph.

The first advantage of this layout is an appealing continuous runner effect.

Second, because we make this piece ahead, you do not need to cut the shape. We cut it for you and also edge it.

Being bespoke and pre-edged, it is a little more expensive than a standard fit.

To save money, another option is to overlap the three pieces or go wall to wall, which would be cheaper.

Please feel free to give our experts an email to chat about what’s best for your stair runners landing  layout.

We advise you to send a pic by email so that we can best assist. We love to help!    

01425 462561

Stain protection



Don’t forget to keep your stair runners landing clean and protected. Use our eco friendly recommended Intec Stain protection

Even our stain protection uses polymers not solvents for a breath easy , health safe , voc free experience

 Important information about the product and your safety 

Our mission is to make your home and the world around us safe .


With that mission in our hearts we are eco friendly!

All our material is made with :

Natural dyes 

Natural backing 

No chemicals 

No vocs

Even our stain protection is eco friendly