Choosing natural stair runners? Here’s the rub on the different kinds


Coir, Sisal, Jute and Herringbone samples

If you’ve chosen natural stair runners, you’ve probably let your heart rule your head!

But to decide which one; Sisal, Coir or Jute, we recommend you just use your head, or more precisely, ours.

We’ve got 20 years of experience we’d love to share, so read on if you want the facts on different natural floorings!

Sisal Stair Runners


Sisal gold stair runner beige border earth tone ambiance décor


Although natural flooring can be used to add texture, some naturals are more refined than others. Sisal’s unique ability to take die well and its fine yarn, results in a crisp clean tone.

So, Sisal is the silk of the natural flooring world, a clean even coloured refined finish -think hardwearing silk.

Sisal invigorates your senses


Sisal gold beige border

Feeling Underfoot – Many people enjoy the sensory experience of walking on Sisal natural stair runners, but it doesn’t just affect the sense of touch, it also affects other senses.

The sound-deadening qualities Sisal shares with most natural weaves makes it ideal for muting creaky stairs. And while it brings silence to homes, it also contains noise in music studios, where it’s usually the chosen floor and even wall covering. So, if you like peace, you’ll love Sisal.

Then there’s smell. Whereas synthetic carpet emit strong Voc smells, particularly when new, sisal smells neutral or faintly of nature, perhaps provoking memories of a country walk.

Sisal is the Rolls Royce of natural flooring; but right now, with a whole staircase on Sale from £249, you can bring some designer cache to your home, without breaking the bank.

Sisal shares the environmentally friendly credentials of its sister natural products, so your home can look great and so can your conscience.

Jute Stair Runners


Jute Boucle beige border, on white painted stairs with contrasting black stair rods

Designers often choose jute because it’s soft and colour neutral. In a restful and non-invasive way, Jute compliments almost any design.

Jute is durable. It looks a lot like regular carpet and as with carpet; we recommend supporting it with good underlay and stain protection spray to extend the life. Go with Intec – it’s the only protection that’s environmentally friendly.


Jute close-up

The environmental qualities of jute are breath-taking. Durability means a long life which is obviously Eco friendly. When eventually discarded, it is 100% biodegradable and, when it decomposes, puts valuable nutrients back into the soil. Jute plants, when grown (and they do so prolifically) consume significantly more CO2 than trees. One green planet writes choosing jute is an environmental home run!

Jute is currently on Sale for 199 pounds for a whole staircase

Borders are available in beige, black, rust or stripes


some stair runner borders

For a unique designer finish accent color, two special edition border colors are available for a limited period in Sian peacock and Green mist


Mist green


Cyan Peacock.


Coir Stair Runners


Coir Panama natural stair runner beige border

Coir – the tough guy of natural floorings. Staircases are the highest wear area in a modern home. Kids’ muddy footprints, spillages and heavy footfall all take their toll. Maintaining the appearance of your stair runner is literally an uphill battle! Coir flooring is one of the most durable money can buy. Fitted on a good underlay, you can expect years of great service from this designer flooring.


Coir natural sample





Coir natural flooring is brimming with designer style, offers texture and adds life to your hall stairs and landing area. It can add an authentic look to a period home or a designer brush stroke to a modern one.

You can finesse this product further by adding a designer linen border to match your décor.

One last persuasive reason to make a modest investment in a coir stairway runner is that it is particularly environmentally friendly. Coir is net positive for the environment because of an interesting twist of nature. When Coir falls into waterways, its virtue of durability becomes a vice to fish who get stuck in it. By harvesting Coir, you save the fish, and of course, it quickly regrows.

So, for good looks, durability and a clean conscience for our aquatic friends, choose Coir!

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