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Natural Stair Runners, Which To Choose?

eco friendly logo (1)Natural stair runners offer an exciting range of weaves ; but which one to choose for your home.

After 15 years of fitting and designing natural stair runners in literally thousands of homes here are our findings . I hope they help you to make an informed choice , and result in an outstandingly beautiful stair runner project !

Coir Natural Stair Runners

Stair runner in coir bleached with wall to wall landing in coir bleached to match.

Stair runner in coir bleached with wall to wall landing in coir bleached to match.

Coir has a an undeniable ethnic charm . A centuries old favourite ; coir is favoured for its durability and matchability . This is a great choice if you have a high traffic area and you want a designer look .

Set its rugged good looks against a clean white painted staircase and your in designer heaven .

Stain resistance score is high . If you want to be really safe you can add Intec stain protection .

The built in oils in coir , protect against mildew, damp and carpet moths .  A case of nature protects nature !

Coir is resistant to bacteria , coupled with its mildew resistance , it is a breath of fresh air to asthmatics .

We have offers from 99 pounds for a whole stair runner .

Have fun building this winning runner into your design while its on offer !

Sisal Natural Stair Runners

sisal beige border

sisal beige border

Sisal is considered the rolls royce of natural flooring – Extremely hardwearing this is the refined tough guy of the flooring world .

Sisal is free of all toxins and chemicals like our products and is also anti-allergenic.When you choose to this the only thing that takes your breath away is the stylish design .

Sisal’s stand out quality is its ability to take dyes well. But  why is that important you may well ask ? Many reasons :

1. It gives you a choice of colors from dark chocolate to light Honey for your natural stair runner .

2. It produces a natural high luster . This is a very pleasing effect analogize to varnishing a piece of wood to show the grain .

3. It is hard wearing and fairly stain resistant . You can always protect with Intec .

4. The price is higher than most natural materials but we have offers for 199 pounds for a whole stair case .

If you’re looking for a refined boutique hotel finish , choose this excellent strong elegant and cool material .

Jute Natural Stair Runners

jute natural stair runners

Jute brings a softer refined finish to your home .

It performs well on a rub test . This material is either offered in its natural form which is a warm stone shade or we also use it for striped stair runners . Vacuuming is particularly easy .

Its weakness is it is a bit more susceptible to dirt so Intec protection is highly recommended .

Chosen for its repute as one of the softest naturals , choose this if you like flatweave and unaffected natural beauty .



Have fun choosing !

Important safety information about our natural flooring  

Our mission is to make your the world and your home a safe place . With that mission in our hearts

All our flooring is made with :

natural dyes 

Natural backing 

No chemicals 

No vocs

Even our stain protection is eco friendly !







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