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Thanks to our customers for providing the lovely pics within this Eco friendly Stair runner Gallery!

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Available in either Natural or bleached
55cm or 65cm wide – 4 Border choices
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Coir Panama natural understated elegance

Please see our stunning stair runner.
We love it and so do our cats. Thank you for superior customer service from order to delivery.. Jackie “
  Review on Coir 21st June 2021:



Coir panama natural runner



Coir Panama Natural Black border. Fantastic DIY install to winding stairs XMAS SALE £129!



Coir Panama Natural Beige border with matching wall to wall half landing  

                                                                               XMAS SALE £129                                         


Coir natural stair carpet runner close up photo


Coir Bleached stair carpet close up was 219 now just 139

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Available in 5 Border choices

55cm or 65cm wide

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Jute Boucle black border in a predominantly white room with black banister makes for a striking design in our stair runner gallery





Jute Boucle stair runner in timeless setting. Intelligent use of colors by using modern art to inspire accent colors completes a favorite design in our stairrunner gallery XMAS SALE £199!



For those who prefer a minimalist no border finish . Jute boucle hemmed edge



Jute Boucle beige black rods                                           XMAS SALE £199!

“Mission accomplished! The stairs are looking great (photos attached)and thanks to your help we found staples and a stapler that worked. Thanks again for your help and service. Kind Regards, Konrad.” Review 8th June 2021



Jute Boucle close up sample picture

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    Available in 2 naturally died color ways from stock

55cm or 65cm wide

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Sisal gold Beige linen border, and a warm welcome from the Eco friendly stair runner gallery to the designer cat !


Hi Julian, Here’s a few pics, with special guest Mr. Frosty! Lloyd was great and did a brilliant job fitting the runner. We’re really happy, it’s totally transformed the hallway! Thanks again for all your help and guidance. D. Review 12th April 2021




Sisal Gold striped border Monochrome XMAS SALE £229!


Sisal Gold stair runner black border XMAS SALE £229!


Sisal Gold striped black border runner XMAS SALE £229!

                                                                          SISAL GOLD STRIPE BDR

                                                             Sisal gold(Close up)


Sisal Gold close up

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Available in two border choices & two color ways

55cm or 65cm wide

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Circa 1800, in a small street called Saville Row, City of London, a great British tailoring tradition was born. The quality of tailoring and innovative designs soon became the envy of the world… At the heart of this was the “Herringbone twill” design. Still made on hand looms and utilizing only natural dyes for an elegant home safe finish, we now offer this weave to bring traditional elegance to your home.


Herringbone Twill black border


We ordered a stair runner from you a while ago & recently had it fitted.
We’re absolutely thrilled with how it turned out & the quality of it, we constantly get compliments
Thank you,  Stacey  8th November 2020

Herringbone Twill black border XMAS SALE £229!



Herringbone Twill close up

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Herringbone Navy & Herringbone Blue 

Available 55cm or 65cm wide

One border Navy Blue

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In the Regency period of George 4th, a gentleman name Beau Brummel, a friend of the then Prince of Wales, burst on the scene. He took smart dress to the next level refusing to wear the neutral shades of the day and introducing a pop of color to men’s fashion. He became known as a “Dandy”. A word synonymous with daring dress ever since. As a tribute to his splash of color we bring you the Herringbone design in Navy & a more daring blue.


Herringbone Navy Navy Border creative interior


Herringbone Navy Navy border clean finish XMAS SALE £229!

                                                                       Now available in two colors

                                                                Herringbone Blue & Herringbone Navy

“Wanted to let you know we just love it!
Thanks so much x x”
Review 14th February 2021

Herringbone Navy Navy Border with Brass stair rods XMAS SALE £229!

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Seaspray Jute



Seaspray stair runner


Seaspray with matching landing XMAS SALE £129!

“Thanks Julian ,Thanks for all your correspondence, advice and help. It was worth the wait. I love it Neil
Review :13th July 2021


Seaspray grey border XMAS SALE £229!



Seaspray Powder blue  border customer fit

Seaspray Jute stair runner –

Inspired by a crashing waves dancing blues , and crystals of white spray on its crest.


Seaspray stairrunner including a DIY U shaped landing

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Hi ! Thanks so much for browsing our Eco friendly stair runners. I believe choosing Eco friendly is beyond a breath of fresh air .In a world becoming progressively more polarized, its a group of people joining together in a strong caring belief. Increasingly, welcoming eco friendly buyers feels like a brother or sisterhood! A fellowship of of action-based people, moving in one direction .

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