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Stair carpet fitting to a quarter landing

eco friendly logo (1)Fitting Stair Carpet Into a Half  Landings

Stair carpet  is easy to fit to a straight staircase .

Sometimes there is also a landing half way up the stair carpet . It may be called a quarter landing . It turns 9o degrees .

half lnding stairs with stair carpet

Half landing section elegantly joined to a stair carpet runner.

The pic shows a strong and elegant way to make the turn in your stair carpet .

The first step is to fit the stair carpet to the straight stairs above and below the quarter landing . To fit these stairs you should follow the steps at our post on how to fit a stair runner with stair rods or how ti fit a stair runner with gripper rods

We will send you a piece specially made for your half landing so it will arrive ready to fit with nothing for you to do. It will be shaped like an ‘L’.

The next step is simply to join the stair carpet to the half landing section provided .

The join can be made by overlapping one end over the other , stapling together and then cutting off the excess .

stair carpet runner in half landing with stair rods

The two stair rods shown here above and below the quarter landing will hide the join.

To make a strong join and hide it there are two methods.  In this case we used stair rods . The join will be hidden by the stair rod above and below the half landing section provided . Joining under the stair rod has two advantages .

1. The join is hidden from sight .

2. The join can not be damaged by wear .

Once the quarter landing is fixed to both ends of the stair runner you may like to fix on the back with a small amount of spray glue and or staples for additional strength .

Screwing the stair rod in over the join is simply a matter of screwing four screws provided into the holes pre-made in your stair rod clips .

Time taken to fit the stair runner should be around 30 minutes . The half landing may take an extra twenty minutes .

Please remember that we are always here to give free help and advice on how to fit your half landing .

When using gripper rods

If you are using gripper rods to make the join the process is equally easy .

Again cut the two joining lengths a around 5 mm too long then force in to the gripper rod together to hide the join .

Joining star carpet carpet invisibly with gripperods

Joining star carpet carpet invisibly with gripperods

Just ask for Julian . Email wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com


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