Stair runner carpet fitting to a straight staircase with stair rods is an easy job .

Before we get the show on the road , here are a list of tools required for your stair runner carpet fitting .


Coir stair carpet fitted to a straight staircase with stair rods

Tools required to fit your stair runners :

-Pencil      -Tape measure          

  -Electric Screwdriver .


Electric screwdriver for fitting stair rod screws . Not essential but saves time .

-Stanley knife with blades


Stanley knife and blades , Perfect for cutting your stair runner carpet at the end. Keep changing blades for a great outcome.

 –Staple guns


Ideal staple gun for fixing your new stair runner carpet fitting but expensive

If the above stapler is smashing the budget, below is a more reasonably priced stapler which customers have positively reviewed for fitting our stair runners !




The long slim staples below are ideal for fitting a stair runner.  The 18mm length penetrate the runner and wood underneath it well. The slim profile make them easy to hide .


staples 2

Goods you need to order from us:

  •   The stair runner of your choice
  •   1 pack of underlay £26
  •   equivalent number of stair rods to the amount of stairs .

Now down to the business of stair runner carpet fitting with stair rods

Stage 1. Measure the intended position of the stair runner and mark on the stairs .

Stage 2. Take your underlay and cut it to a width of 10cm less than the runner width . Most of our stair runners are 55cm so that is 45cm. Staple this to the tread and just over the riser fixing under the lip of the tread . Leave a 1.5cm space at the back of the stair with no underlay . This space will make room for fixings and the stair rod in due course .


Here is a bear stair and some descriptions of the terms.

Stage 3. Unwrap the stair runner and fix the end of it under the lip of the landing  with your staple gun. For our recommended staple gun to use , just click here .

Stage 4. It is important to pull  as tight as possible  then fix using your staple gun at the meeting place of the tread and the riser . Spaces between the staples of 2 cm would be very safe . Please ensure your carpet stair runner is safe .


Stair carpet runner Jute Boucle Striped

Stage 5. Repeat stage four until you reach the bottom of the stairs with your stair carpet runner .

Stage 6. At the bottom, finish at floor level . Cut the carpet stair runner 1 cm long turn and staple .


Stair runner carpet fitting stair rod

Stage 7. Fix your stair rods using the screws provided and your electric screwdriver .

Stage 8. Check everything is safe and strong before use .


The finished job of a stair runner carpet fitting to straight stairs with staples and stair rods.


We are always delighted to help our clients get a great outcome . Please don’t hesitate to email us if you need further clarification . We can always call you back if you need to talk the project through .