How to fit stair runners when you have winding stairs .

Instructional: How To fit Stair Runners to winding stairs.

Read and re read the instructional before starting.
Pearl of wisdom: You can’t mis cut a carpet by reading!

Step 1. Fit the straight stairs first

above and then below the winding section .


Fit the straight stairs first.

This is important as it gives you a target to aim at. It also avoids waste . Here is a link to explain how to fit stair runners to straight stairs .


Start by fitting the straight stairs

Step 2. Cut a piece for each winding stair. 

Using the remaining balance of the runner, cut a piece for each winding stair. If for example you have 3 winding stairs ,as in the picture, cut three pieces of remaining runner. Cut these sections a little bigger than required .

Step 3. Position each piece of the winding stairs

Position your three segments of carpet runner on the stairs as you would like them . I Usually put a couple of staples in them to hold them roughly in place which I remove later . It stops them falling on top of you when you are working . Opinions vary as to the best position for winders , as no two staircases are the same . I suggest you stand back and experiment .

My opinion leads me to three goals :


Winder positions are kept vertical and equal

1. The risers of the winder should be as vertical as possible .
2. The three pieces should be positioned at similar angles to each other .
3. Position the runner closer to the inside edge than the outside. This allows me to achieve the two goals above.


Winders are equal width to the stair runner

Step 4. Separately staple each piece on to the winding stairs.


How to Fit Stair Runners to Winding Stairs Step 4: Use Staple Gun

Fit the winding stairs using a staple gun . Don’t worry if the seam between the stairs is not perfect , it will be covered by the stair rod at the end. Just make sure it’s strong .

When fitting the winding stairs your goal should be to line up the inside edge perfectly . Don’t worry about lining up the outside edge at this stage. We will correct that in stages 5&6


How to fit stair runners to winding stairs Step 5: Line up inside edge .Remove the border from outside edge

Step 5: Remove the border from the tread area

But not the riser area . You can cut the stitches or give a tug . This will expose the over sized piece which does not line up . Use any straight edge and a Stanley knife to cut a wedge shaped slither away so that everything is straight and lined up .


How to fit stair runners. stage 6 re-stick the border

Step 6 Re stick the border

Re stick the border using an even thin layer of fabric glue(we recommend copydex) . Next put some holding staples in the border of the carpet runner for additional strength . Position these staples so they will be covered by the stair rod when it is fitted .

General advice.  Allow 3 hours for an amateur or 45 minutes for a professional.

Action plan :

The sequence below re explains the process of fitting a winder. Key areas and issues are highlighted in red.

The final output is shown to the right.

Below are more examples of winding stairs fitted from a straight stair runner using this method.


Jute boucle black linen border

Completed job


How to fit stair runners to winding stairs: final output


border fitted to winding stairs and quarter landing



Eco friendly stamp