Herringbone twill black border stairrunner for monochromatic and modern inspiration set up

“I want to help the planet, but what can I actually do? “

Everyone wants planet safety, but here’s a brutal truth. Good intentions don’t help. Philosophy isn’t worth a hill of beans if you’re up up to your knees in water, in what used to be your hallway. To prevent climate disaster, action steps are the only solution – that’s a fact experts now agree on.

“This is an urgent global challenge and we need to step up to it,” says Frederick. Otto at Oxford university.

But life goes on. So this “stepping up” that Otto the climate-expert advocates, how do we do that? I believe it’s by integrating baby Eco-steps into daily life; which brings us neatly back to your Eco friendly stairrunner project.

To make your stairrunner project more Eco friendly, here are ten action steps you can take. And by the way, most of them also save you money. If you like saving money and the environment, have a coffee and read on!


Coir herringbone natural Eco friendly stairrunner

1. Re-use existing underlay

There is nothing more eco friendly than reuse. Being underneath the carpet, underlay  usually lasts longer than the carpet itself.

But is my underlay reusable?

That’s a pivotal question, because using worn out underlay shortens the life of new flooring, which is not eco friendly either! If you’d like guidance, just snap a phone pic and email us  . Email to  wholesalestairruinner@gmail.com. We’ll check it over for free, and email back whether its worth reusing or not.

2. If you can’t reuse your underlay – choose an Eco friendly one.

There are as many underlays as fish in the sea! Well, not quite! But  to save the fish and other animals damaged by rubber and plastics, choose a recycled underlay.

Underlays come in two main types, rubber or foam. Rubber leaches hazardous materials into the environment when decomposed, and some foams are not Eco safe.

We use recycled foam in a choice of two grades . Both are Eco-friendly but one is an award-winning recycled underlay, which is guaranteed for the life of the carpet it’s under. It costs 39 pounds for a whole staircase. If you need to replace your underlay, choose Recycled foam, it’s more Eco- friendly.

3. Re use your gripper rods


How to release gripper rod


Winding stairs need stair-rods, but if your stairs are straight, gripper rods are an option. And you can reuse them. Remember, re use is always the environmental A-plan.

If you’re changing from a fitted stair carpet to a stair runner, chances are you already have gripper on the stairs. The problem is, it won’t fit your runner because it’s too wide.

Gripper won’t look great peeping out of the runner sides, and unless you’re into medieval torture, you don’t want to step on it either. So the gripper needs shortening. The quickest way to shorten gripper is to pop it off with a hammer and bolster, cut it to size with snips and nail it back on. All gripper is pre-nailed, so all you’ll need to do this is, a hammer, bolster and snips.

4.DIY the fitting

Paying someone to fit your stairrunner is often a solution. It saves time and guarantees a good outcome (hopefully). On the other hand, it’s expensive, and unless the fitter jogs to your house, with his tools in a hemp backpack, chances are it affects the environment. We make DIY fitting easy by providing good instructions and free support. This author has fitted over a thousand personally, so he’s not short of tips and happy to share. We give instructions and free support with all our runners.

5. Plan the job


Planning before buying stairrunner project

Make a plan in advance. By the way, if you email us a pic of your stairs we can make the plan for you for free..

If you need any of the accessories like underlay, gripper or staples, for example, at least get them in one delivery. Don’t be driving back and forward to B&Q wasting loads of money, gas and time standing in line. If you email me a pic of your stairs, I’ll email back a list of everything you need, whether or not you buy them from me. Here’s my email. wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com

6. Use Eco friendly stain protector

Stain protecting your carpet makes sense. It’s environmentally sound because your runner last longer. But…solvent based protection is not safe for you or the environment. Here’s an article about toxins in stain protection if you want to know more .

Polymer based non-solvent stain protection is what you want. It looks after your home, the planet and keeps your stairrunner clean. We can sell you it for thirty-nine pounds. It’s safe enough for airports and kids’ bedrooms. You’ll find it tucked inside the tube of your runner, so there’s no delivery charge or environmental waste . Click here to learn more about our Eco safe stain protection.

7. Make a free hall runner from the waste left over from your stairrunner


Herringbone twill stair runner with free matching hall runner

Most stair-runners are sold long, so they fit almost any stair case. Ours is 7.5m long, which often results in 2m of waste. If you take the left-over to the tip, you’ve lost time, money and gasoline.

Inside our stair runners, you’ll find a gift of some extra border. It’s tucked inside the runner package. So instead of landfilling, you can make a beautiful matching hall runner for free. Here’s how, by the way .

8. Chose an eco friendly stair runner material


Seaspray stair runner

I had to fit this tip in somewhere. Chose an eco friendly runner. We make runners from sustainable material without chemicals and voc. Even our borders use plant dyes, which, apart from making them Eco friendly, gives them a warm matt finish. Win-win!

9. The Eco-ripple effect

This idea may seem a little “out there” but indulge me for a moment on an observation of human nature.

Most people (including me) hate being told what to do. You tell someone to buy an Eco friendly stairrunner and they’ll nod and affirm till their neck’s sore. What they won’t do – is buy an Eco friendly stair runner.

Conversely, people copy “style”. You know the one. You look half decent in your new top. Next thing, your friend pops up on Facebook in the same one.

The ripple effect is the same principle. You fit an elegant Eco friendly stair runner, jig up the design with a few accessories, then invite ten people round for Christmas. I bet a tenner to a stick of gripper; at least five will either ask you where you got it, or do a spot of nefarious research when they get home.

That is the Eco ripple effect. You’re spreading the Eco message by your actions.

10.The money journey

Last but not least, think about your money journey. Spend your hard earned cash with someone like-minded. Someone who will not spend your money ruining the environment .

I’ll get to the point. If you buy from me, l guarantee to never turn up at your house smoking a cigar and driving a gas guzzler. Like you, I care about the environment and I take Eco action to help. I buy from green suppliers or at least people who I feel won’t spend my money ruining the environment.

I’m Julian, by the way. To learn more about me and check if I’m a worthy person with whom to spend your dollar (pound or whatever) click here.


Julian cutting some lettuces at the local Eco farm

Let me know by email if you put any of these ideas into action, it would make my day to hear from you!

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