Intec, Eco friendly, Stain Protection for your Stair Runner.






         What you’re up against

Stairs are the highest wear area in your house. They receive concentrated pressure in small areas .


Protect your flooring to avoid this look.

This causes much faster wear and also can create the tired traffic lane look synonymous with synthetic carpet. This often happens after a short period of use.

Spillages are common on stairs by people carrying food and drinks .

Take proactive action to protect your new stair runner.


Water beading on your stair runner

Apply Intec; your stair runner will be resilient to :

  • General soiling
  • Most spillages
  • Accidents that happen

Be Eco friendly in the process

  • Intec is a solvent free polymer based protective shield.
  • It won’t effect the world or your local environment .
  • Is safe for kids rooms
  • No noxious fumes
  • Highly effective. ( used in airports)


    Use this kind of bottle to spray Intec

Easy to apply

  • Your stain protection will arrive in a small bottle inside your runner .
  • Pour the liquid into any clean household plant sprayer
  • Apply a fine mist evenly to the runner
  • Allow to dry for two hours +. Or overnight if possible.

Affordable and wise investment


Coir bleached stair runner .

Using Intec stain protection costs 39 pounds with your stair runner at our online shop

Natural stair runners are elegant and hard wearing

Keep them that with with Intec stain protection

For product enquiries or purchase simply email us at wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com

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