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Herringbone Twill 

herringbone-twill-sample-natural rug sale

Herringbone twill sample

Herringbone blue


Herringbone blue sample

Herringbone navy


Herringbone Navy sample



Seaspray sample

Jute boucle
(5 ply extra strong)


Jute sample

Sisal gold

Coir panama Natural


Coir Panama natural

Herringbone coir

Coir Herringbone natural carpet & a cup of black coffee

Coir Herringbone natural carpet

Coir Panama bleached

What happens next

We’ll rush your samples out by first-class mail. We recommend that in the meantime, you email us a picture of your stairs. We will email you back a free plan and design along with a shopping list, so you have everything you need to successfully complete your project.

In the meantime

To have a peak into some of our existing customers’ completed projects, browse our gallery. There, you  can find high definition pics of stair runners in actual customer’s homes.


To listen in to what our customers are saying, browse our testimonials.

Keeping you and your family safe

Most people understand that natural flooring is an environmentally responsible choice. For one thing, it’s 100% biodegradable, and as a “fast grower,” it’s also sustainable. Additionally, being pest resistant means it’s organic. Less known is that it also keeps you and your family’s environment safe.

Know the dangers

To understand what is “home-safe” about natural flooring, you have to first understand what is unsafe in synthetic and woolen carpets. Present in almost all Synthetics like polypropylene and polyester are harmful VOCs and chemicals. Although wool carpets are safe on the surface, if you flip them over, the glue which adheres the backing is another reservoir of Voc’s.

But why does that matter?

Symptoms of Voc and chemical exposure, characterized by the familiar “new carpet” smell, may include; asthma, Rhinitis, loss of coordination, liver and kidney damage, and even cancer. If you want to learn more, they explain the science in this USDH report. US department of health report.

Conversely, natural flooring contains none of the above. It is barely changed from the natural state. In other words, “Natural flooring” is just that , natural – and whoever got sick from nature!

Our guarantee  

Because our dyes are plant dyes, and our flooring woven from nature, we guarantee our natural flooring contains no chemicals or Voc’s. This unpretentious approach means, when you order your free natural stair runner samples, you’re starting a journey, which keeps you and your home safe.

Free guide to make your stairrunner project go as smooth as silk

Now your free natural stairrunner samples are on the way. Perhaps you’d like to browse our free A-Z guide to a successful stairrunner project.  Pick through the guide for a heads up on, preparation, fitting and interior design tips to enhance your project.

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