Buying an extra stair runner for your long landing is a massive money saver. You save by not buying a large landing piece, save again because you don’t need any expensive specialist edging and save a third time because you can easily fit this yourself.
After that hattrick of savings, you are rewarded with a fantastic looking job, like the one below DIY fitted by one of our gifted clients.



AFTER – Coir herringbone black border crossover landing


Instructions (so listen up)

Fitting a crossover runner to your landing is simple and intuitive. You just need to unroll it in the right place – right?  Yes – but as every landing is a slightly different shape, this guide offers some “versatile” techniques to finish the runner, so every end is neat and tidy. In short, a professional finish.

Tools you might need

Tape measure
Can of spray glue
Stanley knife
Staple gun or carpet tacks

Things to buy from us (email us for a quote)

1 x stair runner (our standard 7.5m long should cover most landings)
Wool soft Eco-lay (optional)
Stain protection (optional)

Where to join the landing to your stair runner

Join the stair runner under the stair rod you see at the top of the staircase picture below. You can join the two pieces together with a staple gun or some carpet tacks. Cover up the complete mess you made of it with a stair rod. No one will know what you’ve done – I won’t tell!



Where to join the landing to your stair runner


It will look fantastic like the one below. Albeit the one below is a different layout, I’m just illustrating the desired join outcome


How to fix the landing runner down

Fix the runner to the floor with a staple gun or carpet tacks. Top tip – fix staples in discreet positions such as a dip in the weave or along a stitch line.

How to position your runner


Centre landing runner by measuring between the skirting board and the baluster


Eyeballing is good, but measuring is usually better. Unroll a length of your runner along the landing. Measure the width from the wall and baluster until they are equal, and your stair runner is in the Centre. Don’t fit it yet, just make a few marks with your pencil. When you come to fitting your pencil-marks are the guide.

Top tip for a flush finish

Where your runner meets another section of runner, we advise you to overlay one section over the other to avoid the need for a tricky join. This naturally causes a bump or ridge at the meeting point. invest in our wool soft Eco lay which is deep and soft enough to even out the ridge. in other words where the carpet is two layers thick do not use underlay, but where its one-layer thick add your wool soft eco-lay, so everything is about the same height. Fix underlay with staples carpet tacks or a light spray of carpet spray glue 

Finishing the ends of your stair runner


The border is also on the end of our runners. Color shown is Cyan Peacock.


Our stair runners come edged all around which means you have two ends you can use without doing any work. If doing no work appeals to you, start and finish your runner using one of the ends already professionally finished. In the unlikely event you need more than two border ends for your design click here to find out how

Cleaning your crossover landing

Cleaning this type of runner is easy. Regular vacuuming will effectively remove any damaging grit and maintain your runner’s condition. For spring cleaning, uplift the runner and give it a good beating outside. Free therapy! (If you have more complex psychological needs consult a licensed professional)

What might this cost

If you think this job looks beautiful and feel like replicating it in your home.  Here’s a breakdown of the cost below.