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How to get a quote for your stairrunner. Easy measuring guide.

Guidelines for getting a quote on-line

Getting a quote

Getting a quote

Looking for a fast accurate quote for your stair runner project? Easy – just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Email a pic of your stairs to wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com 

Nb1. Unless you want us to guess! Make sure (where possible)  the whole stair case can be seen in one pic, and neither top nor bottom are cut off.

Nb2. If due to the restrictions of cameras in tight spaces you cant get the the whole staircase in one pic – no problem . Place any item handy such as a brightly colored book or child (safely of course!) in the center of the stairs as a marker. Take two pics. Picture the book in both. This allows us to connect the two pictures.

Marker for stairs

Marker for stairs pictures.

Step 2 . Count the total number of stairs and include that number in your email. 

Nb. No need to measure anything just count the total number. This gives us a back up for safety.

Step 3 . If you have more than one staircase please start at the bottom and work your way up! Number the pictures in order as you ascend the stairs.

Remember you are intimately familiar with your house, but we are not!
Talk to us as if we’re the same age as the cute kid on the stairs!

Step 4. 

Measuring a landing L x W

Measuring a landing
L x W

If you have a landing that needs doing – no problem . Just send us a single pic along with the maximum width and length . Express this simply L x W .


 Step 5. Reminder and checklist

Pic of stairs
Ensure all stairs are included
Count stairs
If more than one pic mark the stairs with something like a book

Left - Good pic all stairs visible. Right - Bad pic, stairs cut off

Left – Good pic all stairs visible. Right – Bad pic, stairs cut off

If more than one staircase number pics

If landing measure L x W and take a single pic

Email: wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com





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