Top tips to light your stairway runner to best effect.

Your stairway runner in place ? Now its time to ensure the lighting is making the most of  your new investment . It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to really shine a light on your latest design success .


Many small pools of light are better than one big one . Light pools  will create more mood for your stairway runner .  The stairway runner will look bigger if positioned in the extremities of the room .

Avoid positioning the light near a plug socket . Try to position the light to shine on the features of the hall stairs and landing.  That might for instance be under some beautiful plants or shining on a ceiling rose.  Light a great phone table , picture , statue or even your new stairway runner . Look for elegant things you like and light them . Avoid the less attractive things you don’t like so much , like a radiator pipe , in the shadows .

Good lighting may be a thing of beauty itself or conspicuous in its absence . A well lit room is sometimes where you don’t notice the lighting . You see what it lights and you feel comfortable in the room .

Never shine a light opposite a mirror . It will produce an unpleasant glare .


Herringbone Twill in monochromatic interior décor

Try to make light fittings harmonize with each other and their surroundings . You can always test if your lighting harmonizes by thinking what kind of light would work in its place . If the answer is much better then you know what to do .


Sisal Gold beige stair runner using warm white lampshade light


Decorative bulbs can be a great addition to the mood of a room . Use a colored bulb to soften the light or ‘flavor’ the walls and stairway runner .

Have Fun !

Remember :

Light gives of itself freely , filling all available space . It does not seek anything in return ; it asks not whether you are friend or foe . It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished . Michael Strass field.