Package Deal 1

(Ideal for people who insist on a completely Eco friendly design -right down to the underlay rods!)

package -deal-on stair runners-rods-and-underlay

27 out of 30 remaining

Stair runner package deal 2

Stair-runner-package deal-2-including seaspray-stair-runner-rods-and-wool-underlay

(29 of 30 remaining)


Package deal 3

Ideal for staircases where the stairs are interrupted by a small square qtr. Landing of around 1m x 1m


Stair runner package deal for L shaped stairs

Stair runner Package deal 4

(Ideal for staircases where the stairs are interrupted by a half landing of around 2m x 1m)


Herringbone Twill stairrunner package deal including wall to wall half landing

Stair runner Package deal 5


Sisal stair runner & L shape package

Extras Free with your order

Our  runners come with a free border of your choice
They also come with a free latex back for additional comfort
Because our stair runners are 7.5m long, you’ll have some left over, that’s free and useful because…
We’ve also tucked some free extra border in side, so you can make a free rug from the leftover.

My promise to you.

I’m not sure if you noticed? – But I made you a promise at the top of this page – and I stand by it. The promise that these  package deals are the best value eco friendly stairrunner packages on the planet.  If once you’ve carefully studied all were offering, you agree, I hope you’ll email me a picture of your lovely job when you’re done. We can share your joy. If on the other hand you find I’m wrong or exaggerating, please treat yourself anyway , and I’ll refund you the difference!  So we can still share your joy – and save the planet together too!

Julian Muir-Hardinge (Managing Director)

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