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Choosing the stair runner ideas which suits you has become an art . After all this is the greeting that our friends and relatives will see first . It gives a small insight into our style and taste . In the case of natural flooring it even tells a story about our belief in buying Eco friendly products and caring for our world . Natural flooring says something about us as a home decorator . It makes the statement that you design with confidence !

Many people make the choice to fit a stair runner for reasons of style . It is a very versatile design choice .

sisal stair runner design

Sisal stair runner on stairs

Classic  stair runner ideas .

Want to achieve a classic design . Easy , just cast your mind back to the ethos of days gone by . One can quickly produce  a look  matching with the age of a period home by choosing high quality materials such as a  gold sisal stair runner . Edging with dense rich linen borders  in hand dyed tones such as rust will help too . In time gone by choices were made on the grounds of beauty . Quality was a given for those lucky enough to be styling their homes . Coir and jute were common place and  lasted for decades due to being strong and hand mad .


Stair runner theme set with the use of a period bust. Very elegant and true to the age of the house.

Modern stair runner ideas .

A timeless  design effect can be achieved by the use of pastel beige along side a bleached coir stair runner. This can create a very passive, function based look . Beige linen borders tend to match this design motif . Often accessories in this design theme are very low cost and a fabulous design can be created on a very low budget .

Striped stair runner ideas .

For a highly modern finish , you can select striped jute material stair runners which can be used to create a daring splash of color . Dramatic monotone effect can be achieved with black and natural stripe on a white staircase . This effect almost uses the stair runner as the picture and the staircase as the frame .  In designs where colored stripes are use a simple but effective design tip can be to select one of the stripe colors in the stair runner and use it as an accent color in the design . For example;  cushion covers , lamp shades , vases or picture frames can be selected in the color of one of the stripes . This will create a very planned and organized design , and lots of fun searching for that perfect vase !

New stair runner ideas in materials have created exciting new textures . Mixtures for example of natural materials such as hemp with wool have created materials stronger than ever but also sumptuous in feel .

Whatever design you choose , the greeting with which your guests are met will be both an elegant and unique reflection of your style beliefs !

Keep creating!


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