Here is our stair runner fitting advice to ensure a fabulous outcome from your installation .



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Our best stair runner fitting advice to install a stair runner on your stairway is to  staple it to your stairs and use stair rods to cover the staples . They look great too .


Beautiful stair runner with stair rods


Tools required : Tape Measure,  Pencil , A Staple Gun , A Screwdriver (An electric one saves time) , and a Stanley Knife . (optional copydex glue and carpet spray glue)


Stage 1. Mark intended position of runner on stairs with a pencil . Small marks with a pencil will suffice .


Stair runner fitting marking your stairs


Stage 2. If you are using underlay then cut to 10cm less than the width of runner and fix to tread only with a staple gun or spray glue . Leave a 2cm space at the back of the tread which will be where the staples will go.

Stage 3. At the top of the stairs , fix end of runner including the border under the lip of the landing using staples . If you want to be really fussy , then fix the staples in the same place as the stitches in the border so they cant be seen then use copydex glue to stick the border flush to the riser .

Stage 4. Pull tight and fix next set of staples spaced 2cm apart at the junction of the tread and riser .

Stage 5. Repeat the process until your stair runner reaches the hall floor .


Jute natural and brown stripes with brown linen border. Perfect example of the result of our stair runner fitting advice.


Stage 6. At the bottom, finish at floor level . Cut 1cm long turn under and staple . First super tip in our stair runner fitting advice . If you want to be a real perfectionist , sometimes there is a little gap between the bottom riser and the hall floor . You may be able to force the runner end into this space with the back of a knife to make a perfect finish .

Stage 7. If stair rods are being used , place a stair rod on each step, where the tread meets the riser . Screw in using enclosed 4 screws . The great thing about this system is that you are covering your staples with the stair rod .

Stage 8. Vacuum , check if everything is secure and cut off any loose threads . Admire your great install !

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We hope our stair runner fitting advice was of help .