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Stair Runner Designs and Ideas: 7 Principles

Stair runner designs and the interior designs around them will be the theme of many upcoming posts .

We will be laying out suggested stair runner designs based on the classic ten principles of interior design .

sisal stair runner in stair runner designs

Sisal Stair Runner

The principles of stair runners designs

1. Rule of thumb is around 70% main color , 20% assist color and ten percent accent color . An example would be muslin walls as a main color . White stair case and doors as an assist color . Chocolate brown as the accent color used on the border of the stair runner and some picture frames , lamp and vase .

stair runner designs-lighting effects

2. Use light to accent the features of the room . Stair runner designs will be greatly assisted by the smart use of light. Shine your lighting on that great stair runner or vase . Don’t shine it on the radiator which needs an upgrade!

3. Balance . The human body is balanced , so we feel more relaxed in a balanced environment . This doesn’t mean the two sides of the room should match but if your room is full one side and empty the other it wont feel right .

stair runner designs-BALANCE

4.Focal point . Try to choose a focal point and build around it in a balanced way . This should draw attention . Example might be your stair runner or a fireplace in a room .

5. Scale and progress . Use of progressive scale can have great effect . This might be three vases in diminishing sizes or a set of colors getting lighter and lighter .

designer seagrass cool blues

6. Contrast . Contrast is shown to great effect in stair runner designs with borders . The picture shows a perfect example . Light paint and walls contrast dark wood . Jute contrasts a black border . Contrast is achieved at the highest level .

7. Unity . A good balance between unity and variety must be the aim . To much unity will be lifeless , too much variety chaos . So think about uniform design with a sprinkle of variety to add some fun . Try a little collection of patterned cushions for example .




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