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Sisal Rug?How To Clean Sisal and Other Natural Materials

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How To Clean Sisal Rug

How To Clean Sisal Rug and Other Natural Flooring Materials

Good quality sisal rug and other natural flooring will have a backing made of latex . This will prevent dirt and debris slipping through to the sub floor . Regular vacuuming will remove debris . This should be part of maintenance .

sisal stair runner

Sisal stair runner


We recommend a good quality brush-less vacuum cleaner . Regular vacuuming is considered to be the best way to make your new flooring last .

THE SCIENCE BIT : Household grit and grime will sit in the base of a carpet . When you walk on these particles they act like little razor blades cutting away at the base of the carpet . This will reducing its life , eventually wearing it out .


Stain management is a science in itself . Here are some top tips .

Cleaning stains effectively depends on what was spill and factors such as die contents and temperature . Most fibers are dyed at 70 degrees . Anything hotter than that is going to open up the fiber at the pour level . If the spillage contains a die it will drop the dye inside the fabric and then as the temperature drops below 70 degrees the dye will set . This is a stain in the true sense .

If there is a spillage act quickly . Use a dabbing motion not rubbing . Ideally use a clean white towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible before it sets in .

Other spills might be bleaching agents such as contained in animal urine which will dye the material with their acidity . In this case you may want to add some cool water as you dab . Your aim here is to dilute the acidity as well as drawing it out , preventing long term staining.

How To Clean Sisal Rug-Dabbing

How To clean Sisal Rug: Dabbing

Things like mud will be best removed in two stages. First remove large clumps with a spoon containing not spreading . Next allow it to dry and then brush and vacuum away in its dry form .


1. Dab don’t rub
2. Try to contain the area of the stain , in other words don’t spread it .
3. Make sure your cloth is clean . Nothing worse than removing one problem and introducing another.
4. Don’t use any chemical cleaners . No chemical will help with cleaning natural flooring and may well hinder .

We sell Intec stain protection which will invisibly coat the fibers and drastically reduce general soiling and staining . It is also environmentally friendly .

Eventually you may like to have your flooring professionally cleaned to restore its good looks . Natural flooring should be dry cleaned . There are many companies who offer this service . One such company is called Bone dry .

Final tip . Prevention is better than cure so stop spilling stuff !

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