Sisal Rug Cleaning and Protecting

tips in order to extend the life of your carpet .

Good quality sisal rug and other natural flooring will have a backing made of latex . This will prevent dirt and debris slipping through to the sub floor . Regular vacuuming will remove debris . This should be part of maintenance .


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We recommend a good quality brush-less vacuum cleaner . Regular vacuuming is considered to be the best way to make your new flooring last .


Carpet Cleaning Tips Vacuum Regularly Sisal rug

THE SCIENCE BIT : Household grit and grime will sit in the base of a carpet . When you walk on these particles they act like little razor blades cutting away at the base of the carpet . This will reducing its life , eventually wearing it out .


Stain management is a science in itself . Here are some top tips .

Cleaning stains effectively depends on what was spill and factors such as die contents and temperature . Most fibers are dyed at 70 degrees . Anything hotter than that is going to open up the fiber at the pour level . If the spillage contains a die it will drop the dye inside the fabric and then as the temperature drops below 70 degrees the dye will set . This is a stain in the true sense .

If there is a spillage act quickly . Use a dabbing motion not rubbing . Ideally use a clean white towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible before it sets in .

Other spills might be bleaching agents such as contained in animal urine which will dye the material with their acidity . In this case you may want to add some cool water as you dab . Your aim here is to dilute the acidity as well as drawing it out , preventing long term staining.


How To clean Sisal Rug Dabbing

Things like mud will be best removed in two stages. First remove large clumps with a spoon containing not spreading . Next allow it to dry and then brush and vacuum away in its dry form .


1. Dab don’t rub
2. Try to contain the area of the stain , in other words don’t spread it .
3. Make sure your cloth is clean . Nothing worse than removing one problem and introducing another.
4. Don’t use any chemical cleaners . No chemical will help with cleaning natural flooring and may well hinder .

We sell Intec stain protection which will invisibly coat the fibers and drastically reduce general soiling and staining . It is also environmentally friendly .

Eventually you may like to have your flooring professionally cleaned to restore its good looks . Natural flooring should be dry cleaned . There are many companies who offer this service . One such company is called Bone dry .

Final tip . Prevention is better than cure so stop spilling stuff !


Here are some useful carpet cleaning tips to extend the life of your carpet .


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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet is purchased for a number of reasons . The warm , soft , inviting pile and the feel good factor on your  bare foot . But it can be a costly investment for homeowners . It is reasonable to expect it to last and continue to look good for years ahead . But, if not regularly cleaned the carpet can lose its new healthy glow overtime . Good cleaning techniques and proper maintenance are the solution for carpet life extension .

Here are some carpet cleaning tips and techniques to keep your new carpet looks for  as long as possible :

Carpet Cleaning Tip No. 1: Vacuum Regularly

The best way to ensure carpet’s long lasting quality is to vacuum it regularly.  Vacuuming regularly prevents soil from becoming embedded in the carpet’s pile. It protects it from  the lack luster effect on your carpet over a period of time.


Carpet Cleaning Tip: Vacuum Regularly your Sisal rug

Experts say dirt and allergens in your carpeting can crush down the pile of your carpeting. The dirt can also scratch and dull individual carpet fibers . Which leads to that dull, lifeless look. Dry vacuuming is the best way to remove dry soils as much as 80 to 95% if done on a routine schedule. It is important to remove particle soils before they sift. Regular vacuuming also contributes to improved air quality.  It keeps dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. It also sucks up these particles and prevent them from coming back into the air.

Carpet Cleaning Tip No. 2:

 Keep the Dirt Out or Limit the Dirt that Gets into the Carpet


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Having a clean carpet is important . If not cleaned, carpets can contain several indoor contamination . It could promote the growth of mold in damp areas and can cause allergies in children. Dirt also causes a lot of damage to the carpet . It grates against the yarn , making scratches in the fibers and taking away the luster . Dirt scrapes away the fibers , wearing them out . High-traffic areas will look dull and faded compared to the rest of the carpet . Experts say using a double welcome mats can reduce the amount of dirt and allergens that come into your home . In this way ,  your family cleans off the biggest chunks of dirt on the outside mat . Wipes again on the inside mat to further limit the dirt in the carpet . You can also apply the no-shoe rule in some or all rooms of your home . These mats should be small and light enough to be able to be wash and cleaned regularly .

Remember : Any reduction of dirt into your carpeting will enhance the efficiency of your vacuuming .

Carpet Cleaning Tip No . 3 : 

Clean Spots Immediately


Carpet Cleaning Tip: Blotting Sisal rug

Experts say dirt and allergens in your carpeting can crush the pile of your carpeting. The dirt can also scratch and dull individual carpet fibers . This leads to that dull , lifeless look . Vacuuming is the best way to remove dry soiling . As much as 80% to 95% can be removed if this made into a routine schedule . It is important to remove particle soils before they cause damage . Regular vacuuming also contributes to improved air quality .  It keeps dust and allergens out of the air we breathe . It also sucks up these particles and prevent them from coming back into the air .

Carpet Cleaning No . 4 :  

Professionally Clean Your Carpet

Maintenance to your carpet is important . Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional carpet cleaning once a year . It can really restore some of the life to your carpet and slow down the effects of aging and high use . Experts say a professional cleaning also help with high traffic areas . High traffic areas tend to get worn down and lose their luster over time .


professional carpet cleaning Sisal rug

There are several techniques to clean carpets . Most major carpet mills advise to clean your carpet by using the hot water extraction method . Or  “steam cleaning”. This carpet cleaning method removes more soil and more types of spots than other methods . Look for cleaners who are Certified Carpet Cleaners and are highly trained . ensure they have used chemicals that are safe for your carpet and most of all, for your family . They will expertly clean your carpet to remove residues . This thoroughness in removing residues is important as they will attract dirt and make carpet re-soil quickly .

Additional Tips :

Rotate furniture to give carpet a rest .

Move your furniture from time to time to change the traffic pattern in your house . The area of the carpet where people always tread gets worn down faster . Changing the path will create a new traffic course and your whole carpet will last much longer .

Moving your furniture on occasion won’t just renew the feel of your room. It will also help avoid excessive pile crushing. Use carpet protectors under the legs of your furniture to help distribute the weight.

Reduce periods of direct sunlight .

Protect your carpet from long periods of direct sunlight with blinds or shades . Close blinds once in a while . In sun-drenched rooms , use a lighter colored carpet  to minimize fading .

Take good care of your carpets and they will last longer . With proper maintenance and care , you will be saving more on your carpets .  You can also enjoy the beauty and comfort they bring much longer .


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