Pets and their stair runners


Jute Hemmed edge with cute cat.


Pets and stair runners

Nothing makes you feel more at home than your pet hanging out peacefully in their favorite spot on your new stairrunner. I guess stair treads  are just the right size for a quick snooze

Its surprising how often customers pics of their stairrunner include a fame hungry pet. What’s more surprising (perhaps) is how often they match the new stair runner. The two black cats on the left are Taylor made for their black bordered stairrunner. The one in the pic below looks like he choose the vase it compliments him so well.


Having a designer pet is just another reason to love them, but keeping them safe is also a good reason to stair runner your stairs. They have less chance of slipping with the traction of a natural runner. A lot of our pet loving customers have bought the stairrunner specifically to stop elderly pets slipping on the stairs. Its great too see all these happy pets on the stairs but just incase age catches up with them here are useful tips to keep your pets safe on the stairs .

I chose the plant pot behind me !


Sisal gold Beige linen border (Cute cat!)

When it comes to style, contrast is everything !

Every time mom purchase new things, I’m always excited to be the model!!!


Sisal chocolate Black border


 Choose your border to match your cat


Coir Natural black border and matching Cat

I got over excited when mom took a picture with our new stair runner but I forgot to smile…. 

Cornelius the cat loves it! Cute!

I’m definitely not in the mode for taking pictures but mom forced me, so she can send it to the man where she bought our new runner. Anyway I look good still . Seaspray runner with nice looking cat.


Sea Spray runner with cat


Jonty on Jute no Border


Its inspiring to see our customer’s stair runners forming part of amazing interior designs. But its also great to see them being used by their loved ones. This page is dedicated to the fluffier variety.

Customer installation. Dog making sure people take off their shoes!


Herringbone twill striped border customer install


Newly fitted herringbone blue stair runner with accent color in dark wood and dark dog!


Herringbone blue black rods runner


This customer had similar taste in stairs and runners, but went for the bigger dog to match their longer staircase. Great match Rover!


Herringbone Blue with navy border pets and stair runners



herringbone twill with cute dog