Choosing natural stair runners? Here’s the rub on the different kinds.

If you’ve chosen natural stair runners,  let your heart rule your head!  And why not, love is grand. Anyway, its hard not to fall for a flooring that’s hardwearing, designer and Eco friendly. But to decide which specific type is right for your home; Sisal, Coir or Jute, we recomend you use your head, or more precisely – ours. We’ve got 20 years of experience we’d love to share. So, here are the facts!

Sisal  Stair Runners


Sisal gold beige border runner


The Sisal offers a great choice to the designer or home owner who wants a natural product with a crisp uniform color and a natural luster. Perfect finish is achieved because of its unique ability to take dies evenly. This uniformity, combined with the natural weave and exudes class.

Many people enjoy the sensory experience of walking on this flooring and the amazing sound-deadening qualities shares with most natural weaves . For this reason, it is not only used in homes but also often in sound studios. Sisal can be effectively used on staircases as a stair runner to deaden the footfall on stairs from neighbors or family members .

It is the Rolls Royce of natural flooring but with whole staircases from £219 , it won’t break the bank to bring some designer cache to your home . Sisal shares the environmentally friendly credentials of its sister natural products so your home can look great while you feel great about your choice too !

Jute Stair Runners


Jute Boucle beige border natural stair runner


Designers and home owners choose jute because of its relative softness as natural flooring. Jute has a very neutral tone and mixes with almost any design layout in a restful and non-invasive way .

Jute is durable and has a similar aesthetic quality to carpet . Like a carpet , it should be supported with good underlay and stain protection spray to extend the life. Go with Intec – it’s the only protection that’s environmentally friendly.

The environmental qualities of jute as a material are breath-taking . Durability means long life. When eventually discarded, it is 100% biodegradable and when it decomposes puts valuable nutrients back into the soil. Jute plants when grown (and they do so prolifically), consume significantly more CO2 than trees. That’s what you call doing your bit for the environment.

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Coir Stair Runners


Coir herringbone black border runner


If you have a busy home, you will no doubt have noticed how much wear your carpets take. Staircases are recognized as the highest wear area in a modern home . Kids’ muddy footprints, spillages and heavy footfall all take their toll. Maintaining the appearance of your stair runner is literally an uphill battle !

Solution minded? So why not try coir stair runners ? Coir natural flooring is brimming with designer style , offers texture and adds life to your hall stairs and landing area. It can add an authentic look to a period home or a designer brush stroke to a modern one . What’s more , coir flooring is one of the most durable flooring’s money will buy . Fitted on a good underlay , you can expect years of great appearance from your designer flooring .

You can finesse this product further by adding a designer linen border to match your décor. One last great reason to make a modest investment in a coir stairway runner is that it is very environmentally friendly choice . So , for good looks , wear ability and a clean conscience , go for coir !

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