Transform your stairs with a new stairrunner

The first thing you see when you ease the door open after a hard days work is your hall and stairs. The design and layout of this area will set the mood for you your family and guests. What could be more important then than this first impression.

before-and-after-sisal-gold- beige-border-runner

Sisal gold beige border runner



Coir bleached rust border stair runner before and after


Sisal stair runner carpet striped border before and after


Herringbone blue winding stair with stair rods


Herringbone blue navy border runner before and after


If your stairs are looking tired, or your just up for a change, why not transform your hall and stairs with a redesign project. .

What you’ll need


stair runner carpet before & after

Color defines the mood of your new design so you’ll probably be looking for some paint. I’m guessing if you’re the kind of person whos browsing natural stair runners you’re also the kind of person who doesn’t want toxic smelling paint in your home.

Paint to transform your stairs


stair runner coir herringbone carpet before and after

We’ve found a company for you that supplies voc free paint, with low to no odor and delivers next day on orders placed before twelve noon .Depending on whether you intend to transform your stairs alone or plan on a complete harmonious design this company provides paint for, wall, floor, wood, varnish, and clay. So you can transform your stairs without worrying about noxious smells, chest issues or damaging the environment with Voc’s.

Lighting to transform your stairs

If color defines the mood of your design then light is its beating heart . You may be able to use your existing lighting or perhaps brighten it up with a new lamp or shade. If your going one stage further we’ve found a lighting company for you that specializes in eco friendly products. Their site is informative.

Artwork to transform your stair



Jute boucle beige border runner before and after


Jute boucle beige stair runner before and after 2


Jute boucle black border U shape landing before and after


Herringbone twill black border runner minimalist décor before and after


Herringbone twill black border in calming décor before and after


Herringbone twill striped border runner before and after


Herringbone twill black border runner before and after


Sisal gold striped border before and after


Seaspray grey border runner before and after