Interior design around your new stairrunner using proven techniques


Sisal Gold beige border in a warm welcoming natural design

Your runner is bought. Now its time to think about surrounding design 

You’ve bought a new stairrunner because you want a fresh look, but your décor is probably designed around the old carpet. If you want some easy and practical ideas to solve that problem – read on! Have fun trying out these trusted interior design technique to use Interior design around your new stairrunner

The principals of color in interior design 


Interior design around your new stairrunner.

Color is personal 

Only you know what color makes you happy or inspired, but where we can offer some borrowed wisdom, is with color principals. We guide you below which colors go best together by using a color wheel 

The color wheel. A fun, easy, reliable way to manage color

A color wheel is a scientific approach to color which can be put to work in all art including interior design . Every interior designer has one on their desk .The master artists of old, wielded the color wheel principles . This is how you use it. 


Choose your main color

First find the principal color you want to work with on the wheel. This may be anything. The color of your stairrunner itself, a piece of art or your intended paintwork. Its the theme color.  Lets say for example you chose a golden shade of beige. Once you select that color, there are three ways to use the wheel to achieve your dream room. Analogous, complimentary and monochromatic

Analogous colors

Analogous colors are blocks of color that are located next to each other on a color wheel. These are the big colors in the outer perimeter of the wheel. Because three is a magic number in interior design,usually three colors are used.

A typical analogous design might incorporate red, orange and yellow. Notice they are next to each other on the color wheel.Analogous colors create a sense of unity, whilst allowing variation in color. It can also create a relaxing and calming effect making it popular in professional design.

a-sunset-perfectly-illustrates-a-successful-analogous-design is an analogous design

A sunset perfectly illustrates a successful analogous color scheme

The same feeling is used in the analogous design below by one of our very gifted Swiss customers.

Jute boucle stair runner in timeless setting. Intelligent use of colors

Jute boucle stair runner in timeless setting. Intelligent use of analogous colors and matching rug

Complimentary colors

Colors directly opposite each other on the wheel, for instance blue and orange, are complimentary. When these different colors inhabit the same space, they  compliment each other. The picture below by Vincent Van Gogh illustrates complimentary use of the color wheel . 


orange-and-blue-match-perfectly in this masterpiece

Blue and orange are opposite each other on the wheel, which means you’re safe using them together in your color scheme.


Creating Interior design using the complimentary colors blue and orange.

Monochromatic design 

Using the colors next to each other on the inside of the wheel, in this case; blues, is called a monochromatic design. Artist Claude Money used a blue monochrome pallet below.

The stair runner design below is monochromatic in shades of blue resulting in a harmonious design. 


Monochromatic design where only blues are used, on stair-runner, border and walls

Philosophy and color 

Is it possible that Philosophy or state of mind, is as much a part of design as color? In japan they would say yes! The Japanese incorporate this concept in every part of their life including design .They call it Wabi-Sabi. 


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy which centers on the acceptance of transience and imperfection . 


Interior design around your new stairrunner using Wabi Sabi

In interior design, this  translates into the use of natural materials like rocks stones and wood. The materials may be distressed or in very natural form so as to enhance the imperfection theme . Design is from  natures pallet and texture.


Wabi Sabi design using neutral shades to Interior design around your new stairrunner. Black is the accent.

If you wish to embrace transience and imperfection in your design we also recomend our Coir Range which is itself proudly imperfect 


Coir Herringbone – a Natural for the Wabi Sabi designer and very durable by nature

Contrast and framing 

It enhances design to contrast natural materials against a clean backdrop, by creating a similar effect to a picture frame. Framing creates a feeling of order and focus, which massively enhances design . Top Tip using the color grey in design with natural materials, creates a perfect frame effect for your wabi sabi stair runner .


Coir herringbone black border runner

Use grey in your design 

Perfectly illustrated above and below, pairing grey with naturals creates an outstanding design. Grey is a designers secret weapon when using natural materials 


Color proportion sets off a chain reaction of harmony, and wards off  clash or drabness. Proportion in this case is balanced  between beige and grey. The eye is drawn to the focal point the runner, but it does no dominate, because beige is used on the top of the wall and carpet to maintain proportion. The stairrunner is “alive” as a result of two techniques – proportion and use of grey.


herringbone twill stair runner..

White chocolate minimalism 

This new design which couples minimalism with an almost dream like pallets of whites and naturals is perfectly served by our Jute boucle hemmed edge . 


Jute with hemmed edge is ideal for a minimalist design. it is also a very strong edge .

No border , no clutter , 100 natural 


Jute boucle close up


These are pop of color or colors which are added to create interest in interior design around your new stairrunner. These should be used sparingly and if possible in the corners or extremities for a very subtle theme. In the white minimalism picture above the blue in the pic is an accent color 

Using a grey stair runner surrounded by natural colors 

If you dont want to use grey paint, reverse the design partnership by using a grey stairrunner and using natural colors around it 


grey herringbone jute


Jute Dove grey striped border.Also available plain grey or black border

We hope this guide gave you some ideas and inspiration 

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