Carpet Stair Runner FAQs


1. Why should I use stair carpet runner?

Aside from adding aesthetic value to your house, carpet stair runner keeps your staircases child-safe and elder-safe, since uncarpeted stairs tend to be very slippery. As an extra benefit, carpeting your staircase will muffle the sounds of constant foot traffic.

2. Are natural stair runners hardwearing ?

Generally, natural flooring will wear far better on a rub test than a domestic carpet, so expect a good life from these materials.

3. Is the border included with the runner ?

All our plain naturals come with a high quality border in a choice of beige, brown, rust or black . Our striped runners are finished with a machine to create a neat understated edge.

4. How do I fit my runner on the staircase?

90% of our customers install their own carpet stair runner. You can always hire a professional fitter. If you prefer doing DIY , click here for instructions on how to install your stair runner .

5. Quick and easy to maintain your carpet stair runner and rugs look?

Keep your carpets well maintained by frequently vacuuming and sweeping your runners. Keep a shoe rack near your doorstep so you can leave your dirty shoes there and keep your carpets safe.

6. Ideas to clean my stair carpet runner and rug runner ?

Jute and Sisal stair runners should be kept dry and should this be cleaned using only a dry rug cleaning powder. It can be bought in any regular carpet store.

If you accidentally spill liquid on your runner, immediately blot it with a dry cloth or a terrycloth towel. Do NOT rub the liquid. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer ON LOW. If the liquid leaves a stain on your carpet, blot the carpet with mild soap and water then dry it again with a cloth and hair dryer.

Any solids that spill on your carpet must be scraped.

Finally, there are many professional carpet cleaners out there who can take the job out of your hands.

7. What is Jute ?

Jute is one of the softer natural flooring materials and is made from the stems of the tropical herb called Crochu’s, a member of the Linden family  closely related to hemp.

8. What is Coir ?

Coir offers excellent wear and a rustic quality to your carpet runners. It is made from the outer husk of the coconut .

9. What is Sisal ?

The “rolls Royce of natural floorings”, Sisal is the hardest wearing of all the natural flooring materials . Its made from the leaves of the Agave Sisal Ana plant and sub-tropical spiky plant related to the cactus.