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Stairway Runners Sample Request

Free samples for your Stairway Runners.

Looking for a closer look or feel of our natural material collection for your stairway runners?

Just email us a request for up to four stairway runners samples  at:


stair runners sale 2 (1)

We have made a close up collection below so you can easily pick the names of the ones you like .

List of samples :

A. Coir Panama Natural Stairway Runners B. Coir Bleached Satair Runner





Coir Natural                                          Coir Bleached

D. Gold Sisal Stairway Runners G. Chocolate Sisal Stair Runner





Sisal Gold                                               Sisal Chocolate

P. Jute Boucle Stairway Runners C. 50% Wool 50% Hemp Lush Carpet





Jute Boucle                                           Wool Hemp

I. Ocean Spray Runner J. Jute Herringbone Twill Runner






Sea Spray                                               Herringbone Twill

K. Jute Runner with Fall-colored Stripes L. Jute Runner with Brown Stripes & Brown Border



Earthtones                                            Coffee&Creme


N. Jute Stair Runner and Bleached Stripes O. Autumn and Ivory Striped Stair Runner


Jute Natural&Bleached                      Jute Autumn&Ivory

Before you choose your samples (above) you may like to hear how to reduce VOC’s in your VOC homes

Most people know that natural flooring is good for the environment . What is less known is that when you choose natural flooring you are avoiding VOC’s . When you choose natural stairway runners you do not introduce VOC’s into your home . This is good news for your you and your family.

Carpets and many furnishings usually contain VOC’s . You may have noticed the unique smell when a carpet is installed . Awareness is growing about the effects of VOC’s . We have listed some of those effects below .

We know that in today’s world it almost impossible to totally avoid these toxic compounds but choosing natural flooring not carpet is one healthy step in the right direction .

Health Effects

Health effects which are associated with VOC’s :

Minor symptoms

  • Irritation to eye , nose and throat.
  • headaches , loss of coordination and nausea

Major Symptoms

  • damage to liver , kidney and central nervous system
  • Some organics  cause cancer in animals , some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans .