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At the bottom of your stairs where your stairrunner will meet the floor
As it says in the instructions you can cut around a cm too long turn under and tack or staple.

But here are a couple of extra pro tips

If that’s a floating floor I see;  you might be able to force the runner-end between the junction of the riser and floor, using the back of your blade. Obviously if that is possible you just need to cut it a bit long. The quality of the end will be hidden from sight or wear, that looks production finished
Another possibility if you’re using rods is to fit down to the junction of the last tread and riser and cut 1 stair short . Then start with the end of your bordered runner on the floor and fit back up to meet the runner runner. Make a quick join with staples. Hide that join under the rod .
Another choice. Fit a little plinth like this woman has. Pic attached Jute boucle

If you think you may like to welcome your guests with a whole new designer look this Christmas, just email us  a pic of your stairs and we will email back a free quotation and plan of action.

Email:  wholesalestairrunners@gmail.com

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